Classic Down Pillow

$ 290.00

Luxurious Comfort & Support

Made for McRoskey by down experts Northern Feather Canada, our down pillows are designed for luxurious comfort. Lofty and light, these pillows are wrapped in a 100% cotton shell with reinforced edges to prevent the down fill from leaking. Our Classic Down Pillows are sure to provide relaxing support all night long.

These sumptuous pillows are the perfect pairing for your new McRoskey mattress. Good posture is as important when sleeping as it is when sitting or standing. The right pillow helps support your head and neck, keeping your spine aligned. 

Hypoallergenic Materials Naturally Enhanced

McRoskey down pillows are crafted with hypoallergenic down treated with Northern Feather's proprietary NF5 Cleaning & Conditioning System, which is specifically formulated to enhance the natural properties of down. They combine washing, rinsing, steaming of raw material and de-dusting cycles with special soaps and conditioners to bring the fill to hypoallergenic standards. 

Support For All Sleep Positions

McRoskey Down Pillows are offered in a variety of sizes and firmness to match your sleep needs. For back sleepers, we recommend a medium pillow to support your head and the natural curve of your neck and shoulders. For side sleepers, medium or firm pillows that gently fill the space between your head and McRoskey mattress. For stomach sleepers, we recommend a soft pillow to keep your head and neck aligned.

Caring For Your McRoskey Down Pillow

We recommend fluffing your pillow each day, allowing the down clusters to expand to their natural airy state. Watch our “How to Fluff Your McRoskey Pillow” video to care for your new McRoskey down pillow.

Our down pillows are washable. We recommend following these simple pillow care instructions.

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