Airflex set out to make a mattress we all wanted. Quality craftsmanship, long-lasting comfort and a timeless design all united in harmony. A mattress as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside.

They started by focusing on a Supima cotton fabric. Its custom weave delivers a warmth soothing to both the eye and hand. From there, every material, stitch, label, airlet, vent, handle, quilting pattern, taped edge has been uncompromisingly curated to evoke a natural, elemental tranquility.

On the inside, every component has been meticulously selected and refined, and in some cases, invented for the first time. The final constructions have been choreographed with care by the time-tested hands of true craftsmen.

Airflex is extremely proud of the result– a simple, beautiful mattress delivering comfort for years to come. 

From $ 2,749.00

The Aviada Adjustable Base

With true inversion positioning, lift and massage motors, and a premium design, the Aviada offers full customization of your position.

From $ 1,979.00

The Contemporary Adjustable Base

The Contemporary III includes heavy-duty lift motors, under-bed lights, five preset positions, and a programmable remote and voice-powered app.