Adjustable Bases

adjustable bases

Get the Ultimate, Luxurious Sleep Experience

Adjustable bases put you in control. You select your perfect ergonomic positions that invite rest, ease pain, and restore well-being. Enjoy Life-Changing Sleep today! 

From $ 2,749.00

The Aviada Adjustable Base

With true inversion positioning, lift and massage motors, and a premium design, the Aviada offers full customization of your position.

From $ 1,979.00

The Contemporary Adjustable Base

The Contemporary III includes heavy-duty lift motors, under-bed lights, five preset positions, and a programmable remote and voice-powered app.

From $ 2,299.00

Tempur Extend Adjustable Smart Base

The TEMPUR-ErgoExtend Smart Adjustable Base with SleepTracker combines premium technology like Sleeptracker-AI, QuietMode, and PerfectSeat to deliver the most premium Smart Base experience.

From $ 1,499.00

Tempur Ergo Smart Base

The TEMPUR-Ergo Smart Bases powered by Sleeptracker-AI creates a completely integrated system with personalized sleep analytics which silently monitors you or your partner’s breath and movement and responds to snoring automatically.

From $ 899.00

Ease Adjustable Base

The Ease™ adjustable base is the simple way to turn your bed into the perfect place to relax.