Dr. Mary Side Sleeper Down Pillow

$ 450.00

Lofty Boomerang Pillow for Side Sleepers

Developed by noted Sports Chiropractor Dr. Mary Collings, this pillow is designed for proper head and neck support for side sleepers. This lofty oversized (52" x 13") boomerang pillow helps melt neck and shoulder tension and tightness, every night, aligning your head and spine. 

Covered in 300-thread count cotton fabric, the Dr. Mary Side Sleeper pillow is filled to medium comfort with duck down. 

Caring For Your McRoskey Down Pillow

We recommend fluffing your pillow each day, allowing the down clusters to expand to their natural airy state. Watch our “How to Fluff Your McRoskey Pillow” video to care for your new McRoskey down pillow. Dry cleaning is recommended.

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