#SleepYourWaytotheTop Contest

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With the spirit of building dreams and creating comforts for each and every customer, McRoskey launched the #SleepYourWaytotheTop Contest on July 12, 2016. Here's the full story:


Contest to Celebrate Latest Advances in Premium Mattress Construction

The McRoskey Mattress Company, established in San Francisco in 1899 and renowned as one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of hand-crafted, ultra-premium mattresses and box springs, has taken a page from its illustrious history to create its finest mattresses ever.

To celebrate the latest chapter in its 117-year history, and mindful that a good night’s sleep is key to success in any endeavor, the company has launched its first social media contest, “Sleep Your Way to the Top.” The winning entry will receive a complimentary McRoskey Classic Tufted queen set, valued at $5200.

The McRoskey family has been perfecting the art of sleep comfort since Edward L. McRoskey and his brother Leonard opened their San Francisco factory in 1899. Quietly and without fanfare, McRoskey became the mattress of choice of the most discerning clientele, first in San Francisco and today all over the world, including an impressive but never-to-be-revealed roster of celebrity devotees.

“We’re one of San Francisco’s best kept secrets,” noted Robin McRoskey Azevedo, president and third-generation owner of the McRoskey Mattress Company, “except for the tens of thousands of people who wouldn’t dream of sleeping on anything else.”

McRoskey remains one of only a handful of mattress companies that designs and manufactures its own mattresses – each hand-crafted and made to order. Moreover, McRoskey manufactures in-house almost every mattress and box spring component from its steel spring coils to the exacting blend of lush filling materials, and all cotton ticking ensuring each mattress is made to the highest standards for comfort, durability and aesthetics.

McRoskey builds three lines. Each Natural Tufted, Classic Tufted and Basic Tufted mattress features 100 percent cotton ticking, enhanced filling materials, and updated tufting techniques. McRoskey Mattress Company continues to use top-quality natural and man-made materials that can be fully recycled at the product’s end of life.

On May 1, 1931, Edward L. McRoskey filed his first patent for the McRoskey Tufting Machine, designed to make the tufts stronger, ease the arduous needle work of the mattress makers, and significantly increase the durability of the mattress. Today the company continues to build a two-sided, tufted mattress, a construction technique -- now abandoned by most manufacturers -- that results in lasting comfort.  In 2016, the company introduced new tufting machinery to its shop floor allowing for operator ease and a yet stronger tuft.

“New equipment passes for big excitement at McRoskey,” said McRoskey Azevedo.  “So we decided to tell the world.”

McRoskey Mattress Company has two showrooms in the Bay Area – San Francisco and Palo Alto – open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday from 12 noon to 5 p.m. Their mattresses are also on display at custom furniture showrooms including Made in Pescadero and Berkeley Mills. For more information, please visit McRoskey.com

“With nearly 120 years of satisfied McRoskey customers, we are proud of the quality materials we continue to use and the construction techniques we continue to employ,” said McRoskey Azevedo. “Our company has never been tempted to stray from the proven mattress and box spring construction principles that provide true, enduring value.”


The #SleepYourWaytotheTop Campaign

"Woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Win a sumptuous bed from McRoskey Mattress Co ($5200 value)!"   

We all know that a good night’s sleep is the key to professional success…but it doesn’t always happen. Did you stay up too late binge watching Netflix? Toss and turn all night and wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Have a late night out?  Don’t know how that pizza got in your hair? Have the world’s most epically horrible bed head? Have a baby waking you up every ten minutes?

We want to see photos capturing the worst night sleep in America; the funniest and most creative wins a free McRoskey Classic Tufted queen set ($5200 value!)  The more horribly you sleep, the more you deserve a good night’s rest on a sumptuous McRoskey mattress.

To enter, provide an image based on the rules above (and caption), follow @McRoskeyMattressSF on Instagram, tag us with #SleepYourWaytotheTop as well as #TimeForMcRoskey and ensure that your friends, family, etc. like your image. The most creative out of the images with the most likes wins. View contest landing page here.

Contest ends on August 31st, 2016. Lewd photos will be disqualified.


And the Winner Is......

We are pleased to announce we have two winners, the Audience Choice Winner, and the McRoskey Staff Pick (selected by the very people who will be making both winners' beds!).

Audience Choice Winner: @mertsmith
Help release me from mattress hell 🔥Like this photo so I can win my dream bed NO sleep till McRoskey! The mattress matters! #TimeForMcRoskey #SleepYourWaytotheTop
Help release me from mattress hell🔥 Like this photo so I can win my dream bed NO sleep till McRoskey! The mattress matters! #TimeForMcRoskey #SleepYourWaytotheTop
McRoskey Staff Pick: Lilian Klosterman
"There's no way I'm sleeping on that old, leaky air mattress! Let me see what I can find for this poor girl on McRoskey's website..." #McRoskeyMattressSF #SleepYourWayToTheTop #TimeForMcRoskey


We want to thank everyone that entered the contest, and everyone that voted.


About McRoskey Mattress Company

Founded in San Francisco in 1899, McRoskey Mattress Company designs and manufactures premium mattresses and box springs.  With a dedication to comfort and quality, every McRoskey mattress is crafted using time-tested materials and construction techniques passed down through five generations of family members.  The company has three mattress lines available for purchase – The Natural Tufted, The Classic Tufted, and The Basic Tufted – which are built to order and can be custom-sized.  McRoskey Mattress Company also offers a selection of down pillows, luxurious blankets, duvets, linens, featherbeds, mattress toppers, and mattress protectors.