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McRoskey Mattress Expands Sleep as the New Lifestyle Status Symbol

Palo Alto, CA, May 4, 2017–Crawl into bed, Fluff up your pillow, and sweet dreams…a good night’s sleep is so important that, without it, depression, obesity, cancer, memory, diabetes and more can compromise health and well-being. And yet, as many as 62% of adults in the US don’t get the sleep they need. Jill Bibo, Director of Retail Sales, at McRoskey Mattress Company quotes New York Times headlines, “Sleep is the New Status Symbol” and “Deep Sleep is Coveted”. A good mattress can make all the difference.

A family-owned business, McRoskey Mattress Company marks over 100 years as a City of San Francisco manufacturer with the mission to “enjoy life changing sleep”. The company’s products have a reputation for tasteful quality and comfort.

McRoskey’s 30 skilled, dedicated employees know how to please. Recognizing the growing trend of platform and adjustable bed, McRoskey can customize to just about every taste. Jill Bibo, Director of Retail Sales, says that even with these expanded options the classic “box springs are still part of the comfort equation”.

The company went one step farther and invited a spectrum of clients, community members, and staff to try out and rate different mattress models. With this information and knowing each person’s specific needs, McRoskey guarantees that everyone walks away with a smile with their handcrafted mattresses, pillows, bed linens.

McRoskey’s new eCommerce website allows customers to order on-line with 24/7 help from knowledgeable staff via the “Chat” feature.

An April 26, 2017 Yelp posting quotes, “Queenly quality. Impeccable service. Your body and soul deserve a McRoskey”.

The Yelp quote is insightful since it is a rumored fact that even the Queen of England has slept on a McRoskey!

When most, hard to dispose of mattresses are discarded in the gutter, people prize McRoskey mattresses. They actually have a resale value.

Judy Johnson, owner of Unexpected Treasures estate liquidators, points out, “McRoskey mattresses are truly treasures”. Estate sale customers have told her that if she finds a McRoskey mattress at any of her estate sales, to please let them know.

McRoskey Mattress Company showrooms are in Palo Alto and San Francisco with a mini showroom in the factory in the “Dogpatch Neighborhood” of San Francisco.

Robin McRoskey Acevedo, owner of McRoskey Mattress Company has been a member of the Peninsula Executives Association for over 14 years.

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