Our Camille Travel Pillow is Great for Nursing Moms

Robin Azevedo @ 2016-12-28 14:10:08 -0800

Pillows can serve many purposes, including helping new moms and their babies with nursing as I’ve recently learned from my granddaughter Camille.

At McRoskey we offer the Camille Pillow, a travel-sized pillow lovingly named for Camille, who at the time was a 13 year old girl. The dimensions of this comfy goose down pillow are 14" wide x 20" long. Originally this little pillow was placed as a design prop on all the beds in the McRoskey San Francisco showroom.

Well, Camille has since grown up, married, and in April 2011 had a baby daughter. Camille found "her" pillow to be the perfect nursing pillow. Camille reports: "When my daughter was first born I put the pillow in my lap and she fit perfectly across it. I used it as a prop under her while I cradled her to nurse. Now that she is bigger I use the pillow under my arm for support on the side I am nursing her. Since I am lucky enough to have two Camille pillows I use the other as great lumbar support for whatever chair I sit in.

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