Mattress Buying Demystified

Robin Azevedo @ 2017-01-11 11:53:58 -0800

You spend over a third of your life in bed (or you should!). So it's worth spending the time to make sure you're choosing the right mattress and box spring for you.

Health and wellness professionals and sleep experts alike concur that a comfortable night’s sleep can make you feel better, have more energy and increase that spring in your step. Owning a high-quality, supportive and comfortable mattress and box spring is an essential part of getting the rest you need. With the dizzying array of bed and mattress products on the market today buying the right one can be a confusing experience.

According to Robin Azevedo, president of the McRoskey Mattress Company of San Francisco, buying a mattress doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated. “The key is to always try a mattress out for personal comfort. Also, mattress shoppers should do their homework and know what manufacturing details point to quality construction and which mattress features help create a better night’s sleep,” says Azevedo.

She recommends considering these tips when shopping for a mattress:

First, know what signifies a quality mattress. When buying your next mattress, talk to your mattress salesperson about its construction. Things to look for:
Multiple layers of fiber filling. These are cooler and more comfortable than foam.

Then, put the mattress to this physical test.

Size is an aspect of comfort. Select the size that is right for you. Be sure to choose a size that is large enough to allow for free, easy movement. If two people share the bed, try the various comfort choices together.

For more tips, visit the Better Sleep Council website: