It’s what’s inside that counts: Why mattress materials matter

Kaytea Petro @ 2017-08-15 15:25:09 -0700

It’s true, we Californians care about our bodies. We eat right, avoiding fattening comfort foods, scarfing down organic veggies. We exercise, going hiking, doing yoga, even trying brain exercises and life hacks to make our bodies and minds healthier. Unfortunately, we tend to neglect the third part of the equation for well-being: sleep! The human body needs approximately 8 hours of blissful restorative sleep to function optimally. The Centers for Disease Control has recently indicated that quality sleep is a major factor for chronic disease prevention, and lack of good sleep can contribute to diabetes, depression, weight-gain and heart disease.

At McRoskey Mattress Company, we have been passionate about life-changing sleep for over 117 years. People spend 1/3rd of their lives in bed; it should be a place for luxuriating and relaxing, and the quality of the mattress can make the difference between blissful or disrupted sleep. We have spent more than a century testing the ingredients and refining the recipes we use to build mattresses; everything we do supports the goal of creating beds that are breathable, durable and offer responsive support to sleepers.


Ingrediants in a McRoskey Mattress


The benefit of spring steel coil construction is lasting supple support that contours to the sleeper’s body. Quality coil systems are at the heart of every McRoskey mattress and box spring; they are where enduring comfort begins.


Wool is known for its superior moisture wicking abilities and its temperature regulating properties. Its incredible breathability helps people sleep cooler. Because it is antimicrobial, wool works as a natural air purifier making it an ideal material for bedding. EcoWool® is a blend of fibers from up to eight different breeds of sheep creating a strong, durable, lofty and resilient batting.


The loftiness of organic staple cotton as well as its breathability makes for a superb fiber filling material. It provides cushioned comfort and a cool sleep.


We select the finest quality crimped polyester staple fiber, a recyclable product, for the resiliency and durability it adds to our mattresses.


Latex is a biodegradable plant material made from the sap of rubber trees. Natural rubber latex, made in the unique and unparalleled Talalay process, results in the formation of an open, round cell structure creating a material that is inherently breathable, comfortable and durable.


All of our mattresses and box springs are covered with tightly woven cotton ticking that is as durable as what’s inside. These USA Made breathable fabrics, woven to our specifications, convey our traditional look and are pleasing to the touch.


The wood used in our box spring frames and foundations is premium Grade A FSC Certified Spruce, Pine or Fir.


The purpose of a barrier material is to resist burning and withstand heat. The flame resistant fiber batting we use is composed of rayon cellulose and polyester low melt staple fibers. No hazardous chemicals are applied to this fabric.

At McRoskey Mattress Company, we’re passionate about life-changing sleep; we know that materials matter for quality sleep. We have spent 117 years perfecting our recipes, seeking the perfect ingredients that breathe, support, embrace, and last, refining our construction techniques for optimal long-term comfort. We go to work every day so you wake up refreshed, restored and ready to respond to the day ahead. Stop in and chat with us about how you can start getting the best sleep of your life.