Interior design ideas from interior designer Lisa Staprans

Jill Bibo @ 2016-12-28 14:28:52 -0800

Lisa Staprans creates interiors that are artistically driven and emotionally connective creating interiors that have the ability to transform ones entire state of being. She helped us out with a few design tips to make your bedroom more restful.

I feel strongly that a bedroom has a sense of soul that reflects the people sleeping in it at a very deep level. And I love to optimize a bedroom space through interior design to create harmony and beauty that truly reflects a client's taste. I believe that if you have a great bed and you sleep well you are a happier person.

I love McRoskey Mattress Company for several reasons. It's local, with Palo Alto and San Francisco showrooms so my interior design clients can stop in and try out all the mattress and box spring options. I really appreciate how professional the showroom staff is and what great customer service they give. I also like that I can customize the mattress for any size that my customer might need. Once my clients buy their McRoskey mattress, they simply love their beds.

Interior Design Ideas for A Restful Bedroom and Better Sleep

Declutter. Keep the bedroom uncluttered and only have things in your bedroom that bring you joy and a sense of peace and calm.

TV. If you have a bedroom TV, place it behind closed doors in a beautiful cabinet that does not take up too much space.

Color. Colors used in bedroom interior design should make a person feel relaxed and rejuvenated. I also like to have splashes of color like with a beautiful coverlet made from an amazing textile or colorful and patterned fabric. Add some pillows that create a layered effect with color and pattern but that are not fussy.

Artwork. Artwork that is personal, meaningful and inspiring is ideal for the bedroom design.

Lighting. Lighting is an important part of bedroom design. I love to have "Fortuny light" or something soft and subtle in the bedroom because of the delicacy of the hand painted silk and the low, romantic ambient light it creates. There should be lighting options as well, with ambient as well as lights that are specific for reading. These can be placed strategically overhead or as bedside table lamps. Overhead lighting on dimmers is also good for when you need to really light up the bedroom.bedroom interior design

No Work. work-related things in your bedroom. Your bedroom is a haven where you can let go of stress, recharge and rejuvenate.

Bedding. Bedding is very important. High quality and beautiful linens, pillows, comforters and mattress pads are must haves. Always have a variety of pillows. I use McRoskey's small Camille travel McRoskey pillow on my be when I need the perfect neck pillow for reading in bed.

Luxury linens. Hard to describe, but once you've spent the night on luxurious bed linens, you'll never want to give them up.

Furniture Position. For stability and harmony, design your bedroom to anchor your bed against a wall. For best energy flow, avoid placing the bed in a direct line with the door.

Furnishings. An upholstered headboard softens the room and is comfortable to rest against.

Books. Creating a place for books makes for a less cluttered room.

Area Rugs. I often suggest a large calm area rug for bedrooms with wood floors to help soften sound and to create a cozy feeling. If you have wall-to-wall carpet use a neutral carpet so that you can layer with smaller area rugs for added color and texture.

Build your bedroom around a high quality, comfortable mattress set. I recommend McRoskey for the best in personal comfort in standard and custom sizes.

Staprans Design is based in the Allied Arts Guild in Menlo Park. The interior designs of Lisa Staprans and her talented team grace homes in Virginia, New York, Utah, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, and throughout California. As a designer, Lisa is captivated by the idea of using interior design to enhance people’s lives.