Fall in Love with Sleep!

Robin Azevedo @ 2019-01-15 15:24:02 -0800

Good sleep is the foundation of a healthy body.

Set yourself up for a good night’s sleep.

While better nutrition and exercise are the most popular resolutions this time of year, remember to embrace a good night’s sleep.  Each resolution supports the other.

These sleep tips are promoted by the Better Sleep Council and are included in Dr. Matthew Walker’s “Twelve Tips for Healthy Sleep”.

Prioritize sleep.  It impacts diet, exercise and mental well being.  Sleep is the single most effective action we can take to reset our brain and body health daily.

Allow for seven to nine hours of sleep.  Go to bed and wake up the same time each day.

Manage your sleep environment.  Create a sleep space that is pitch black, silent and set at a cool temperature.  A comfortable mattress and pillow help promote a good night’s sleep.

Here’s to a Healthy and Sleep Happy 2019 to you and yours!