EVENT: Crude Luthier guitars with Banjo Bones at San Rafael Art Walk 6/8

Kaytea Petro @ 2018-05-22 13:48:28 -0700

This month's installment of San Rafael Art Walk is going to be a blend of art and music, as we present the guitars of Crude Luthier. The guitars are made of upcycled wood, and are all unique, and a blend of stunning visual aesthetic, and mind-bending auditory effects. Joining Steve are two musicians that have propelled his guitar-making journey, Julian Barber and Pepe Espada, who will be playing his creations.


About Crude Luthier (Steve Pierson):
Presenting Fairfax’s own Crude Luthier, Steve Pierson. His guitars are playable works of art, and are informed by his childhood in Appalachia, shamanistic practice, as well as training as an aircraft engineer.

Banjo Bones

About Banjo Bones (Pepe Espada):
Under the tagline “the dark side of Americana,” Banjo Bones sings themes of the present in a voice of the past, always staying true to the dark aesthetic concept.  With lyrical content that spans the introspective to the esoteric, Banjo Bones combines elements of roots music into a genre defying style that borrows in equal portions from blues, jazz, country, rock and folk.