Design and Mattress Tips for a Loft Space

Jill Bibo @ 2017-01-11 17:19:35 -0800

For many, living in an expansive loft space is an integral part of an urban lifestyle. Lofts are youthful, artsy and fun. In a loft space, you have plenty of room to expand your living space and truly relax.

Having a large open space also presents a great opportunity to have fun with interior design, artwork and the living layout. Often a loft space will allow you to create interesting room dividers using non-traditional building materials, interesting fabrics and custom furnishings.

Keep in mind that a loft space allows for an amazingly large bed such as our 7X7 San Francisco King. This bed has been a very popular mattress since we introduced it in June 2012. We offer it in our byDesign and Classic comforts, and every bed comes with its own mattress protector pad and sheet set.

Here are some interesting tips from on decorating a loft space.

Don’t try to make the loft something it is not — a regular house with a warren of small rooms. If you’ve got a loft, celebrate it by keeping spaces open and uncluttered. The whole point of the loft is the space itself.

Be flexible in furniture arrangement — Furniture can float in the center of the room, including pieces like beds, that most people picture against a wall.

Be bold — A dramatic loft space calls for dramatic furnishings. This means bold, usually large pieces (such as our 7X7 San Franciscso King mattress set) that make a statement that would be difficult to pull off in a smaller space. Go for big art and furnishings with strong sculptural lines.


Choose multi-functional pieces — The furniture you choose will have to perform several duties, including, storage and room definition. So when choosing loft furniture, opt for bookcases and long, low credenzas that can act as room dividers while also hiding away books and tableware.

Error on the side of emptiness — Lofts tend to appear even more stylish and authentic when they incorporate very little furniture.

Don’t rush it — Lofts develop over time. They retain a clean, minimal look that edges toward funky. But the only way to achieve this look is to go slow. The perfect loft space doesn't happen overnight.

Consider a loft a blank canvas, ready to absorb your signature style. Dive in!