Comfort Ingredients: A Primer

Jill Bibo @ 2017-01-14 12:36:22 -0800

Innerspring unit - the "heart" of the mattress.

We take great pride in the materials that we choose to craft our amazingly comfortable mattresses. Fiber, wire and wood are our ingredients for comfort.

The McRoskey steel innerspring unit is the heart of our mattresses. We form our own responsive coils, then lace, reinforce, and heat-treat them so they respond and contour to your body for unparalleled support.

In our Classic Tufted mattresses, we use generous amounts of organic cotton and polyester fiber filling. Both sides of the innerspring unit are upholstered with layer upon layer of this heavenly batting. In our Natural Tufted mattresses we use an abundance of wool and two layers of 100% Natural talalay latex for an extra comfort layer.

A cart full of cotton batts at our Minnesota St. factory.

We still make a true box spring to relieve pressure. The McRoskey box spring contains steel coils, links, cross ties and framing wire surrounded by wood from spruce, pine or fir trees.

Our pinstripe ticking is a 100% woven cotton for optimal breathability.