Benefits of Napping

Jill Bibo @ 2017-01-11 15:05:32 -0800

Grab a quick nap to recharge, look fresher, feel better (but not to replace a good night's sleep)

There is a distinct pleasure in taking a short nap during the day, and there are several very good reasons to nap beyond it being such an awesome pure and guilt-free experience. According to various sources, grabbing a few winks, especially on a really comfortable mattress and box spring set like our McRoskey byDesign, has distinct health benefits.

The health benefits of napping (and getting good rest in general) include:

A short nap can help to refresh our energy sources often far better than energy derived from the wrong types of food.

A Few Tips for Better Napping:

Keep in mind that napping should not replace a good night's rest on your McRoskey mattress.