A Comfortable Sofa Bed ? Yes, Really!

Jill Bibo @ 2017-01-11 13:35:27 -0800

The sofa bed often gets a bad rap for its inherent discomfort. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. What many people don’t know is that they can replace and upgrade the mattress in their old (or new) sofa bed. Typically the mattress that comes with a sofa bed does not supply adequate support nor does it protect the user from the metal frame underneath.

Here's the great part of this story. We have a way to make sofa beds really comfortable. Our Innerspring Sofa Bed Mattress is a one-sided mattress that's specially designed to provide optimum comfort for sofa bed use. It features comfortable filling material and the flexible design of the innerspring unit provides excellent support. To be more comfortable, consumers might consider our sofa bed support panel. The panel rests on the metal decking of the sofa bed mechanism, which helps to relieve the discomfort of the metal bar against the shoulder.

We're happy to measure your sofa bed to make sure we get the exactly right mattress dimensions, at no charge.